Dublis invites you for the unique evening at the restaurant,
as well as for the cozy time with your friends at the brasserie.



An exceptional place for a refined taste

When the evening comes, restaurant DUBLIS fills with refined tastes and aromas and warm conversations. This is a place for those who look for inspiration in novelties, improvisation and pleasure. Here, you will find a Scandinavia-inspired cuisine, a seasonal menu, the most popular, classical DUBLIS dishes, and culinary improvisations.

An exceptional, small restaurant does have a reason for being here, in Trakų Street 14. Why? Visit us and we will tell you the magic story of this place – a story that goes back to the 16th century.   

Phone for information:

+370 67441922


A democratic and artistic place for meetings and culinary discoveries

This welcoming, relaxed atmosphere is perfect for small daily celebrations. This is a place for people in a hurry and those wishing to slowly enjoy short breaks from their daily routines. For those wishing to have a delicious lunch or simply drink a cup of coffee with a piece of cake, or those wishing to celebrate with a glass of evening cocktail.  
The building in Trakų Street 14 is very well familiar with the party spirit, conversations about art, and freedom-loving, joyful people. Why does it have so many links with theatre? It is a pure accident and a fantastic story that is several centuries old, which we will certainly tell you in person, when you visit us to drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Phone for information:

+370 52195210